Services - Aviation Auditing

7SGHL Aviation Audit Unit is an independent aviation auditing services and accident/incident investigation arm of 7 Star Global Hangar Limited, staffed with internationally certified aviation safety & Risk Management Auditors under the leadership of seasoned aviation experts.

7SGHL Aviation Audit Unit offers tailored aviation assessment and accident /incident investigations to aircraft owners & operators, and non-aviation organizations, including oil, Gas & Energy, Financial Institutions and Government.

Our service can be as simple as one-time audit or regular full audit services such as;

  • Flight safety Basic aviation Risk Standards audits
  • Safety and technical audits of charter and commercial operations.
  • Aircraft Inspection
  • Aviation Standards and Policies compliance assessment
  • Airline Risk Assessment
  • Assessing and advising on specialist flying operations (low level, aerial/geophysical Survey, marine pilot transfer etc.)
  • Accident and Incident Investigation
  • inspection of airfields and Helicopter sites