We offer a full spectrum aviation transport and aviation support solutions to our customers that allows flexibility, peace of mind, and suits every budget thus delivery a fulfilling customer experience both on ground and in the air. Amongst our services includes:

  • Oil and Gas Helicopter Crew Support Services
  • Aerial Surveillance Operations
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation Services (EMES)
  • Specialized Flying (Hoisting)
  • VIP Transportation
  • Fractional Time Share Service Card (FTS Card)
  • Aviation consultancy services
  • Aircraft Charter Services
  • Aviation Auditing

Specialized Flying (Hoisting)

This service entails the use of helicopters for specific purposes, such as banner hoisting, flags, e.t.c

VIP Transportation

With this service, we transport high-profile, High net worth individuals, business executives and...

Fractional Time Share Service Card (FTS Card)

This product/service offers fractional ownership and use of the helicopter and comes with the following...

Aviation consultancy services

We offer comprehensive aviation consulting and assessment services to give you the support you...

Aviation Asset Acquisition and Management Services

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the business aviation industry, 7 STAR GLOBAL HANGAR is in a unique position...

Aircraft Charter Services

For years, our expert team have been arranging private jet charters for business and leisure, whether is for music tours, movie promotions, corporate travel...